Test report for February

Last week I moderated a panel focused on measuring virtual service delivery for the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group, and then we had a short focus group after with participants.

Manjeet Dhiman from ACCES Employment was on the panel along with Jason Shim from Pathways to Education Canada, and Lawrence Murphy from Worldwide Therapy Online. The PNSG audience was interested in perspectives from outside the sector, so I brought Jason and Lawrence together, but also thought Manjeet could provide some grounding from an org in the sector that is well ahead of most.

It was a great discussion and they all provided great insights that I think are useful for all our work. I’m hoping to eventually share either video or audio of the discussion and will share here if I’m able to.

city scene

Questions the panelists addressed:

  • How do I know that my transition to virtual service delivery is effective? What did I get right? What didn’t I get right?
  • What non-settlement sectors are delivering services virtually or in a hybrid service delivery model and are delivering these services at a high level of quality?
  • By what standards or guidelines can I compare how my transition to virtual service delivery compares to what is considered best practice?
  • Does a checklist for improving my virtual service delivery exist? What are the elements comprising this list through a short- and longer-term lens?
  • How can I monitor and improve my service delivery mix moving forward?

I shared some resources with PNSG to provide to participants after. I thought you might find them useful as well.

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