Tracking and Reporting

Tracking central program outcomes and maintaining quality assurance standards throughout the program is an essential coordination element of the CSS program. The CSS National Program Network has an established outcome measurement framework which has a clear client progress indicators which demonstrate client and program results.

The National Coordination Team produces reports to funders, partners, and external stakeholders on an as-needed basis, including:

  • CSS National Statistical Report: Compiled and comparative data of every key field from the CSS National Database by the CSS Sites.
  • CSS National Narrative Report: Has two components:
    • A compilation of iCARE Narrative Reports submitted by each Site to IRCC which analyses collective results to identify trends and gaps in CSS service delivery, and
    • A focused report analysis on specific issues in the CSS program that collects promising practices, scope of issues, program responses and recommendations.
  • CSS National Coordinator Report: Activities and developments from the National Coordination Team
  • Outputs and Outcomes Tables: Qualitative and quantitative results on service delivery across sites


Annual Reports


CSS Annual Statistical Report 2018-2019

Special Reports


CSS – Gender and Employment Barriers Report

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