Youth GARs

Did you know that, on average, more than half of the government assisted refugees who enter Canada are under the age of 25?

To help address this, the National GAR Case Management – CSS Program has a Youth Network, which allows for the sharing of the experiences, challenges and promising practices of working with GAR youth.  The CSS Youth Network is comprised of one CSS staff representative from each of the CSS program Sites that either works directly with GAR youth and/or is knowledgeable of the challenges, issues and promising practices related to serving GAR youth in Canada.

The purpose of this network is four-fold:

  • Information Sharing
    • Identify common issues, challenges and concerns of GAR youth
    • Share resources, partnerships, knowledge and propose solutions to address issues & challenges
    • Share GAR youth program updates from each CSS program Site
  • Promising Practices
    • Identify promising practices in working with youth, connecting them to services, and working with other agencies
  • Support System
    • Create a welcoming place for case workers and case managers to discuss and debrief issues, concerns, identify themes
  • Advocacy
    • Collectively advocate on behalf of GAR youth clients

Through this network, GAR youth who have gone through the CSS Program have also had opportunities to provide resources and recommendations for future GAR youth that they believe are important for integration in Canada (including tips for school, making friends, applying for jobs, and , in some cases, handling their first winter).

See what some of our GAR youth have developed in collaboration with the National Coordination Team: