National GAR Case Management – Client Support Services (CSS) is a nationwide program providing specialized settlement services to meet the complex needs of government assisted refugees (GARs) in their first 12 to 24 months of resettlement in Canada.


The CSS Program speaks to these needs through a unique model that provides case management, community capacity building, and standardized professional support and program advancement.

The YMCA of Greater Toronto, where the National Coordination Team is based, and partner service provider organizations across Canada coordinate and deliver this dynamic program. We work together to ensure continual collaboration, improvement, and moving towards a shared vision of helping government assisted refugees meet the challenges of integrating and settling into a new country.

If you do not see your city listed above, please click here (English) or here (French) to find a settlement service provider near you.

Government assisted refugees need a caring and connected community more than ever.

For those struggling with language barriers, cultural isolations, and an unfamiliar space, accessing broader community services can be a challenge.

These new members of our community have much to offer, but need help initially to navigate through their communities and make informed decisions in their new home.

Government assisted refugees come to Canada to find renewed hope and create better lives for themselves and their families.

Together we can help them.