CSS Narrative Reports

Narrative reports present progress on activities and provide organizational updates of the CSS program across all Sites. These reports include information provided by all Sites on the advancement of the…

CSS Statistical Reports

As a program funded through IRCC, we complete regular reporting responsibilities to track the ways that Client Support Services improves sector knowledge, trends in the outcomes of clients within the program, and reflect on areas of further investment.

CSS Special Reports

CSS Special Reports focus on key topics and emerging patterns within the resettlement sector in order to explore key issues, solutions, best practices and recommendations in order for the sector to adapt in a timely manner and grow professionally.

Francophone Newcomer Reports

As a network that is based upon client centered, empowerment-based service to Government Assisted Refugees (GARs), it is pertinent to the goals of the Client Support Services program to better understand the needs of francophone GAR clients and francophone service agencies.

CSS Evaluations

Statistical reports present summaries of yearly program outputs and top client needs. These reports reflect data collected through CSS National Program Case Management tools and iCARE data fields.